Carl and Karen

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Our Love Story

It was the summer of 2009- June 29th to be exact- when hundreds of overly excited, soon-to-be college students congregated the campus of SJSU for Freshman Orientation. Out of those hundreds of people, little did Carl and Karen know that a simple "hello" would become forever. Karen's cousin Ann knew Carl through mutual friends, Angelo and Errol. Although Karen also knew Angelo and Errol, she never met Carl- or thought she didn't. Ann reminded Karen that she tried to introduce her to Carl at her senior year winter ball where all of the Catholic high schools in the Bay Area had a joint dance. Ann briefly introduced Karen to Carl while entering the USS Hornet, but Karen didn't bat an eye and rushed inside with her friends. During freshman orientation, Karen and Carl met in front of the Student Union. After a few laughs, guessing each other's horoscope and conversations about classes they chose, they went their separate ways. Karen logs into her MySpace to see a friend request from Carl. A lifelong relationship has stemmed from a budding friendship.

First Met 6-29-09
Officially Dated 3-11-10
The Proposal 8-28-17